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North Florida

Homeless Veterans Stand Down

On April 24th to April 26th 2015, the  North Florida Fairgrounds took on a military atmosphere as tents and cots were set up for homeless veterans, who lived and slept on the property through the weekend.

Today, 300-400 homeless Veterans are homeless in North Florida. In addition to the complex set of factors affecting all homeless individuals (job layoffs, substance abuse, shortage of affordable housing and lack of health care) our homeless and at-risk Veterans often live with the effects of combat related post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as well as other challenges. These hardships, often compounded by a loss of family and social support networks, make the issue of homelessness a difficult social challenge.

In order to help combat the issue of homeless Veterans, the Florida Veterans Foundation, Inc. is holding its 4th Annual North Florida Homeless Veterans Stand Down. On April 22-23, 2016, the North Florida Fairgrounds will take on a military atmosphere as tents and cots are set up for homeless Veterans, who will live, sleep, and receive needed services and support.

Every dollar you donate or hour you Volunteer will go towards helping homeless Veterans at the Stand Down. Click on the buttons for Volunteers and Donations to help a homeless Veteran. YOU can make a difference for a homeless Veteran who joined the military and Served our Nation.  Thank you for your support.

Visit Our Valued Sponsors who donated to the 2015 North Florida Homeless Veterans Stand Down.  Our Sponsors are helping FVF Serve, Support and Advocate for Florida Veterans.  FVF is very grateful to all who are helping us end Veteran homelessness.  We couldn’t do what we do without them!

The North Florida Stand Down Provides the Following to Qualified Homeless Veterans During the Stand Down at No Charge

  • Two nights of sleeping accommodations
  • Three days of hot meals
  • Permanent Housing Assessment
  • Clothing provided
  • Hot showers and clean clothes
  • Haircuts men/women’s hair styling
  • Dental examinations
  • Healthcare screenings and prescriptions
  • Infectious diseases screening/testing
  • Vision examinations
  • Hearing and glucose testing
  • Pharmacy services
  • 12 Step and PTSD/TBI Counseling
  • Military Sexual Trauma counseling
  • Medical appointment referrals
  • Medicaid applications
  • Military personnel records check
  • Veterans Service Officer Assistance
  • VA Disability Claims processing
  • Legal Counsel and/or Veterans Court
  • Bicycle raffle
  • Employment applications, counseling and resume’ assistance
  • State Photo ID cards (Need Birth Certificate and Social Security Card)
  • Birth Certificates applications
  • Social Security Benefits (Food Stamps, SSI & Disability)
  • Voter Registration
  • Personal care items
  • Various gift cards
  • Veterinary services/Pet therapy
  • Evening Entertainment
  • Free bus rides for homeless veterans
  • Veterans children day care
Only   Homeless Veterans and their families who are living on the streets or who do not have permanent housing will be qualified appropriately by the Veterans Affairs (VA) for free access. Veteran status must be verified by the VA, by presenting a VA Card or DD-214 with government issued photo ID. If not pre-registered with the VA, you must register and be certified by the VA as being homeless in order to be eligible for benefits the day(s) of the event. It is recommended that homeless veterans pre-register to expedite processing on the day they arrive at the Stand Down: April 22-23, 2016.  To pre-register print the application, complete and return to:

Stand Down Veteran Registration

Denna Green-Corbett
VA Healthcare for Homeless Veterans
Office: 850-521-5767 ext. 1217
Cell: 352-339-5593

Florida Veterans Foundation, Inc.
The Capitol, Suite 2107
400 S. Monroe Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0001
Office: 850-488-4181
Fax: 850-488-4001